We are happy to show you our Sicily

We love to offer you that little bit of 'extra'

Discover the wonderful Sicily – with Amuninni Travel “from human to human”: For many decades we have been guiding guests from all over the world away from the tourist crowds through the wonderful landscape and through breathtaking cities of Sicily, showing the cultural treasures of many millennia and building bridges between visitors and Native.


Directly: You book from locals and get in touch with us immediately.

Our philosophy is quite simple: We are local guides with passion, we love our country and we want to bring tourism back to its roots. In order to make your trip an extraordinary experience, we give you the phone number / WhatsApp of your travel guide directly when you book. So, you can optimally prepare for your tour.

Our mission

  1. We are local travel experts who warmly welcome you to Sicily.
  2. We are there for you – as our guest you are part of our “family”.
  3. With our tours through Sicily we create real discovery tours with positive memories for people of all ages
  4. We combine the most beautiful destinations in individual round trip, hiking and biking packages
  5. We accompany you in small groups with highly qualified tour guides
  6. We provide you with exciting background knowledge
  7. We bring you into contact with local people, let you feel the “Dolce Vita” of the southernmost part of Italy, and give you a look behind the scenes.
  8. We arrange selected local hotels for you, which we test in advance
  9. We offer you all of this on fair terms, directly and with all the guarantees you are used to from tour operators in your home country

Great people. Charming tours. Discover Sicily!

We offer you a little 'extra'.

Amuninni Travel is a trademark of Goto Sito Srl. The company was founded and is owned by Calogero Lavanco, who takes care of your well-being on site with his team.

Experienced guides.

Well trained, passionate travel guides with roots in Sicily

Flexible booking.

We provide you with personal support when booking, even if something changes in your plans.

Guide tips.

Comprehensive knowledge and inspiration to help you get more out of your vacation.

Small groups.

Only four to ten people per tour group create a special atmosphere.

Different experiences

With Amuninni you get to know local people and get a look behind the scenes.

Fair conditions

We only sell our trips directly - our guides receive fair tariffs.


Calogero Lavanco

My name is Calogero and I am 57 years old. I have a PhD in Foreign Language / German Studies and a PhD in Language Studies at the University of Palermo. I also have a certificate for a specialist in tourism.

From 1989 to 1992 I worked as a tour guide in Sicily. This experience helped me a lot in my job.

From 1992 to 2007 I worked for two tour operators in the incoming department.

In 2007 I finally opened my own travel company and until today I coordinate the trips of thousands of people to Sicily.

My father had a tailoring studio and I have inherited this instinct to tailor made trips. Who better, than a tailor, can make us a suit? And who better, than a Sicilian friend, can show us Sicily?

This is my philosophy for a round trip or hiking trip to Sicily: I recommend a Sicilian friend and he will show you Sicily. The beauty of a trip is not just the destination, but the trip itself. And whoever travels with us exchanges emotions with our friends.