Sicily "Charm - Hiking Trip" - 15 days

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You can only really discover a country, its beautiful nature and culture by walking. We internalized this when planning this trip: 15 days hiking through steep and flat regions in wonderful Sicily. And you always have enough time to relax and enjoy culinary highlights. Have fun! We guarantee the execution of this trip from 4 people. Are you coming with friends or family (at least 4 people)? Talk to us - we organize your own trip completely flexibly

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Arrival at the airport, transfer to the hotel in the Catania area (half-board)

Difficulty: easy, hiking time approx. 2h, ascent approx. 150 m, descent approx. 100 m

A hike through Noto Antica means roaming between Renaissance ruins over a typical Monti Iblei plateau, smelling wild thyme, climbing ancient valley steps into a valley gorge to find bathing pools and a Renaissance industrial area in the rock. 4.4 km, approx. 2:05 hours. Easy circular hike on wide flat gravel roads and old mule and rock stairs through a gorge. Sun and shadow alternate.

Dinner and overnight stay.

Difficulty level: easy, hiking time approx. 3 hours, ascent and descent 0 m

Vendicari is one of the most important nature reserves in Sicily and in the Mediterranean one of the most important resting places for birdson migration route between Europe and Africa. Often you can even watch flamingos and pelicans. The hike takes you on dune paths, wooden plank paths and along the beautiful sandy beach past dune lakes and a tower from the 15th century. We make a picnic on the beach in the reserve.

Dinner and overnight stay

Hike: approx. 7 km, 3 hrs, 200 m

You drive to Pantalica. The area is a World Heritage Site. The impressive necropolis of Pantalica includes several hundred rock tombs from around 1270 BC., sheltered over the gorges of the Anapo and Calcinara rivers. The hike leads through the beautiful terrain. You walk through the Anapo Gorge and return to your starting point, Anaktoron.

In Pantalica we eat in a bar/trattoria and drink almond milk.

Dinner and overnight stay

Difficulty: easy, hiking time approx. 3 hours, ascent approx. 150m, descent approx. 100 m

The Cava d’Ispica is a deep gorge in a karst plateau. The hike takes you primarily to the more interesting north of the gorge. The only path that runs along the entire gorge along the hillside gives you great views and leads you to one of the most unspoilt and picturesque places of the Ibläic Mountains. You walk through the heart of the gorge and discover fascinating and little-known archaeological settlements such as the Castello Sicano and the rock village of Pernamazzoni, as well as the sub-canyon Cava Kalura with its holm oak forest!

Dinner and overnight stay

Hike: approx. 6 km, 3 hours, 200Mt, Difficulty: Medium

Today you go up to Mount Etna Nord (UNESCO World Heritage), which at 3,300 m altitude is one of the largest still active volcanoes in Europe. Through vineyards, barren mountain landscapes and cold lava flows, you can take the bus into a strange-looking lunar landscape. The ascent by bus is usually possible up to a height of approx. 1,600 m. From there we make a hike to Satorius Craters up to 1,820 Mt. Then we continue to a lava grotto, which we visit with ropes and a hard hat. In the forest we will organize a picnic and barbecue with Etna wine and mineral water.

Dinner and overnight stay

Ascent/descent: 1200 M/1,400 m, Walking time: 3 h Difficulty: Difficult

Short, more challenging tour to the “Matterhorn of Sicily”, a great hilltop – Rocca di Novara. And on the descent a detour to the M. Ritagli di Lecca in the Peloritani Mountains, in the northeast of Sicily.

After the road junction we climb right up to a mountain saddle and then turn left to Rocca di Novarra (1340 m). Back to the mountain saddle, straight ahead and then left directly to M. Ritagli (1209 m), up the path to the saddle and left back to the Bivio Fondachelli car park.

Again today we have a delicious picnic during the hike.

Dinner and overnight stay

Length: 5 km Altitude: 1328 m Descent: 200 m Duration: 3 h Difficulty: Light

The Argimusco with its megaliths is the Sicilian Stonehenge.

We start in the west via Montalbano, along the road between the village and Randazzo, at the crossroads just before entering the forest, you will find the impressive rock formations dell’Argimusco plateau, which rises to a height of more than a thousand meters.

Gigantic limestone boulders (megaliths) that have eroded rain and wind rise on this huge plateau, strange, probably natural formations, but their shape has inspired the imagination of the local people. Visible from a great distance, they continue to promote the idea that Argimusco was in the past a sacred place where ancient rites were performed. Pure mythology!

We go to a “Salumeria” in Santa Domenica Vittoria lunch. Here we will taste the delicacies of the Nebrodi Mountains; Ham and salami from the famous “Maialino dei Nebrodi” (Nebrodi piglet), sheep cheese, goat cheese, ricotta, olives, dried tomatoes, fresh bread, olive oil. And many things to take away – the rustic Sicily to enjoy at home.

Half board in hotel

Hike: approx. 6 km, 3 hours, 200Mt, difficulty: easy

In the morning we drive towards Tiberio Gorge in the area of Castelbuono and San Mauro Castelverde. Shortly before arriving in Castelbuono we leave the national road, where friendly donkeys await us for a hike.

Donkeys are considered stubborn, stupid and stubborn – traits that only similarly predisposed bipeds can give them. The opposite is true: donkeys are intelligent, very sensitive and vigilant – an animal with a lot of affection and interest in humans and his kind. Enjoy hiking with our four-legged hiking friends on narrow paths and paths of the Madonie. Whether donkey ear, working donkey, cuddly donkey or gold donkey hikes – in addition to the nature experience, the participants learn a lot about donkeys, behavior, the habitat and the associated myths. Due to their calm nature, it is easy to “slow down” when dealing with them.

We all come together on the Pollina river. A rubber boat awaits us there, which takes us through the Gole di Tiberio. The Tiberio Gorges, a UNESCO-approved Madonie Geopark, are about 400 meters long and come from the Upper Triassic. The gorges are located in the Pollina river between the areas of San Mauro Castelverde, Castelbuono and Pollina in Madonie Park, a few kilometers from Cefalù. We cross the Pollina River in a rubber boat and also have the opportunity to swim. On the way you can admire the typical river flora and fauna. Bee-eaters, yellow dancers, buzzards, a pair of golden eagles, larks, owls, crabs, eels, frogs and dragonflies are some animal species that live in the area of the Tiberius Gorges.

After the hike we will organize a picnic on site with specialties of Castelbuono – and Manna cakes.

Half board in the hotel

Length of the route: 5 km and 187 meters, Difficulty: Medium – Walking time: 3 hours, Return time: 2 hours. Departure 1100 Mt to 1650 Mt.

This wonderful as well as demanding hike offers broad views of the valley of the river Imera South, with a change to the Mediterranean vegetation. It continues steeply uphill between the fortresses Rocca del Pomo (1,469 m asl) on the left and Rocca Vaccaro (1,428 m asl) on the right.

The vegetation thins out, but offers the first beech trees, milkweed hedges, gorse, wild pears and orchids on the slopes. The first covered plants can be seen over 1,200 meters above sea level. After the southern slopes of Monte Alto, where the sanctuary is located, you come to a green clearing. In front of it you can see the mountain Monte San Salvatore. On the left is the path that leads to the Madonna degli Angeli gorge and on the right is the path that leads to the Sanctuary of Madonna dell’Alto at an altitude of 1,819 meters above sea level.

When you reach the sacred building from the 15th century, you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the landscape, a series of valleys, hills, rivers and mountains. In the distance you can see Mount Etna, the Imera valley, the highest peaks of the Agrigentino region and the sharp mountain cliffs that rise directly in front of the sanctuary. In the forest we will organize a picnic and barbecue with Madonie wine and mineral water.

Half board in the hotel

Hike: approx. 7 km, 3.5 hrs, 200 m x 0 m

Between San Vito lo Capo and Castellammare del Golfo, the mountain slopes that descend to the sea and form numerous small bays announce the entrance to the Lo Zingaro nature reserve.

Small paths lead to the sea or into the mountains, allowing you to cross one of the most intact landscapes of the Mediterranean. Countless bird species such as peregrine falcons or hawk eagles nest in this area. Many endemic and rare plants grow here. The dwarf palm, symbol of the park, is spectacular.

At noon we will eat “Pane Cunzato”. A symbol of Scopello is the bakery, which offers Sicilian-style bread: “Panificio di Stabile Anselmo”.

In the afternoon, we visit the Segesta archaeological area, famous for the well-preserved Doric temple.

Half board in the hotel

Difficulty level: medium (3 hours, 5 kilometers, up and down: 500/600 meters)

From Monte Luminario, which is easy to climb, you can enjoy one of the best views of Madonie and the Piano Pomo is home to one of Sicily’s natural wonders: over 200 holly trees (Ilex aquifolium) stand close together and form a magical grove. The centuries-old specimens have huge dimensions, which are not only unique in Italy.

Varied circular hike that follows a nature trail in sections. Wide forest trails alternate with old shepherd and charcoal trails, as well as shady with sunny sections.

Self-organized lunch in Castelbuono, where many typical restaurants can be found. In the afternoon we will also visit the city: the place was founded by the Sicels. The Byzantines named the place Ypsigro, the Arab seruat Ruqqat Basili. From 1316 a castle was built by Francesco I. Ventimiglia. It served as the seat of the Counts, from 1595 as the seat of Princeventiglia. The city developed around the castle and got its current name.

The exclusive products of the municipalities of Castelbuono and Pollina include manna, a resin-like product from ash (Fraxinus ornus and Fraxinus oxicarpa), which has laxative properties and can also be used as a sweetener. It is now only obtained in the Madonie region in the Mediterranean. Presentation forms include Torroncini alla Manna and Mannettino, a cake remotely comparable to the Panettone.

Little anecdote: Since February 2007, six donkeys have been used here for waste disposal instead of the usual four trucks, because according to the mayor they are cheaper and more environmentally friendly 🙂

Half board in the hotel

Length: 7/8 km Altitude: 100 m Descent: 190 m Duration: 3/4 h Difficulty: easy

The Alcantara is a river that flows from the south side of the Monti Nebrodi into the Ionian Sea near Taormina. The Alcantara has partly carved itself into deep gorges in the lava rock and offers a geological spectacle for hikers. The Alcantara was blocked by Etna’s lava rock thousands of years ago and ate its way into the rock. On the Alcantara we see different formations of the cooled lava – this river hike is particularly suitable for geologically interested hikers. Drive to Agriturismo San Cataldo and farewell dinner for an “Arrivederci” next year in Sicily with a different program.

Free day. Half board in the hotel.

The end of our journey. Transfer to Catania airport and return journey.

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